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Mr Joseph Manjaly

Consultant Otologist, Hearing Implant & ENT Surgeon
for adults & children

Science is ever clearer about the benefits of hearing well in both ears. Having conversations when in background noise, localising sounds and children’s speech development are all reliant on two ears. Improving hearing prevents social isolation and has been linked to better mental health and reduced cognitive decline. ENT surgeons are evolving to catch up with this way of thinking.

Many ear problems can be diagnosed and treated during your clinic visit. I believe ENT is not only about making ears free of discharge and pain, but also empowering patients to hear as well as they possibly can in both ears, by offering all the different surgical and non-surgical options available.

I am a UK and fellowship-trained ENT surgeon based in a busy central London teaching hospital receiving referrals from across the country. Within ear, nose & throat I have specialised in treating ear and hearing problems for both adults and children. 

I treat the full range of problems related to hearing and ear symptoms: hearing loss, ear discharge, discomfort, tinnitus and dizziness – from very simple but irritating niggles to complex and chronic problems that require specialist surgery.  My skills have been developed through training in some of the country’s leading ENT units.