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What Can I Help With?

I am an Ear Nose & Throat surgeon, specialising in ear and hearing problems for adults and children.

With treatments and technologies constantly advancing, I believe that sub-specialising in a smaller area within ENT is the best way of offering the best, up-to-date and more technically challenging options available. By choosing to focus on ear and hearing problems, I am able to offer advanced specialist surgical skills and a full range of hearing rehabilitation options beyond what is typically available in a standard ENT clinic. 

Whilst ear and hearing problems are my super-specialist area, I am fully qualified to assess and treat a full range of ENT conditions. If after consultation and medical treatment, any nose or throat surgery is required, I offer the benefit of recommending the best available surgeon for your particular condition from a wide network of colleagues in the ENT world. This approach mirrors my busy NHS practice in which I receive referrals from other ENT consultants regionally and nationally.

  • Outpatient consultations for adult & paediatric patients with any ear, nose & throat symptom."
    Examples include: Hearing loss; Deafness; Single sided deafness; Wax; Blocked ears; Glue ear; Otitis media; Ear infection; Otitis externa; Ear discharge; Otorrhoea; Earache; Otalgia; Tinnitus; Dizziness; Vertigo; Eustachian tube dysfunction; Perforated eardrum; Otosclerosis; Ear drum retraction; Tympanic membrane retraction; Cholesteatoma; Meniere’s disease; BPPV; Vestibular neuronitis; Labyrinthitis; Sudden Hearing Loss;
  • Outpatient procedures
    Microscopic examination of the ear and microsuction of impacted wax/debris/infection from the external ear canal Intratympanic steroid injection Flexible endoscopic examination of the larynx and pharynx Flexible/rigid endoscopic examination of the sinonasal cavity Balance examination and Dix-hallpike / Epley manoeuvres Cautery of nasal septum for nose bleeds
  • Operations (Adult & Paediatric Otology):
    Tympanoplasty/Myringoplasty Ossiculoplasty Stapedectomy / Stapedotomy / Stapes surgery Bone Anchored Hearing Aid insertion (BAHA) Myringotomy & Grommet insertion (All of the above can be performed under sedation and local anaesthetic if required) Cochlear Implantation using devices from all major manufacturers Bone Conduction implants including Med-el Bonebridge & Cochlear OSIA Middle ear implants including Vibrant Soundbridge Tympanomastoidectomy / Combined approach Tympanoplasty / Cholesteatoma surgery Blind Sac closure Canalplasty Meatoplasty Mastoid cavity obliteration Balloon Eustachian tuboplasty Adenoidectomy Removal of foreign body in the external ear Pre-auricular sinus excision
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