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Mr Joseph Manjaly MBChB BSc (Hons) DOHNS FRCS ORL-HNS 

Consultant Otologist, Hearing Implant & ENT Surgeon for adults & children

About Me

Where did I train to do this sort of work?

After schooling at Eastbourne College & King Edward’s School Birmingham, my medical career began at the University of Bristol where I qualified in 2008. I subsequently trained on the North London ENT Higher Surgical Training Programme in all aspects of ENT surgery, at units including London North West University NHS Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Imperial College NHS Trust and the Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital. After being awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, I was selected for the internationally competitive fellowship in Otology & Implant surgery at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust where I started to further focus my skills in the area of hearing restoration surgery for children & adults.

What do I do outside the clinic and operation theatre?

 I make an active contribution to ENT in the UK and beyond. I present research internationally and am an Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the UCL Ear Institute. I lead an otology strategy group that drives excellence within research, education and service development in ear and hearing surgery at the Royal National ENT Hospital. I have a long-held interest in teaching and training regionally & nationally.


I have produced the popular trainee textbooks 'ENT OSCEs' and 'Advanced ENT Training', both published by CRC press. I have held a number of national positions, including as council member for the British Society of Otology and the Royal Society of Medicine Otology Section. I am a core member of the Microtia & Craniofacial multidisciplinary team based at the Royal Free Hospital, London. 

 Away from the world of ENT, I am a keen musician, performing in a function band semi-professionally around the country. I understand the hearing needs of musicians and my appreciation of a healthy life outside medicine is noticeable in my approach. I am a keen sports supporter as well as being a husband and father of two!

Who am I and how can I help?

I am a Consultant Otologist, Auditory Implant & ENT Surgeon, specialising in ear and hearing problems for adults and children.

Perhaps unusual amongst most ENT surgeons, I have chosen to focus solely on ear and hearing problems with the benefit of being able to offer advanced specialist surgical skills and a full range of hearing rehabilitation options beyond what is typically available in a standard ENT clinic. 

I enjoy offering effective treatment for people with hearing loss, ear discharge, discomfort, tinnitus and dizziness. The nature of my private work mirrors my busy NHS practice at the internationally renowned Royal National ENT Hospital in Central London, part of University College Hospitals NHS Trust. Through my clinic in Harley Street and other London locations, I am able to offer my skills to patients privately. 

My surgical repertoire includes operations such as tympanoplasty for ear drum retractions & perforations, ossiculoplasty using microscopic techniques and prostheses for conductive hearing loss, stapedectomy for otosclerosis, and tympanomastoid surgery for cholesteatoma. 

Another highlight of my service is routinely offering middle ear surgeries under local anaesthetic and sedation. This allows a quicker recovery and the ability to monitor hearing during surgery. As a hearing implant surgeon, I perform Cochlear implantation, Bone Conduction implantation and Active Middle ear implantation. As part of this full range of treatment options I advise on when hearing aids are most suitable and thus provide the maximum number of options for hearing rehabilitation, whatever the degree of hearing loss.

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